Notes from Wally Swist

A review of Huang Po and the Dimensions of Love, (Southern Illinois University Press, 2012) appears in the October 25, 2015 online issue of Rhizometic Ideas by Zoetic Press. It is written by Timothy Leyrson, a poet, essayist, and Durwood fellow in the University of Missouri-Kansas City MFA Creative Writing & Mass Media program. Of the many superlatives Timothy Leyrson attributes the poetry in the book, he writes: " Throughout his twentieth collection of poetry (including his chapbook publications) Swist uses the couplet with the finesse of a fencer wielding a rapier and dagger. Each line expresses sound, rhythm, and emotion which bring the reader into Swist’s world, hiking alongside him; yet, the partnering line balances the reader, parrying their progression, slowing the pace, forcing one to truly examine the scenery Swist presents." The link to this journal's website is:

In Praise of the Earth - A film

I wanted to let you know abou In Praise of the Earth, a short film by Hadley-based filmmaker Elizabeth Wilda, whose work centers on my time at Amherst's Fort Juniper (a cabin used as a retreat). The film also explores living as a poet.

Built in the late '30s by my friend and mentor, Robert Francis, the cabin has been an artist's retreat for the last two decades, and home to
me during three year-long turns as poet-in-residence.

The film is another indication that my artistic approach to life, work and spirituality still has a place in the world today.

Email me for more information on where to order the film.