10-06-12 - "My Death," a poem collected in Huang Po and the Dimensions of Love, and published by Southern Illinois University Press, is featured on Verse Daily.

09-28-12 - Mark Sickman, Editor of Baseball Bard, accepts "Nine Innings," a new poem written in September 2012, for publication in his lively online poetry journal dedicated to the art of poetry and the sport of baseball.

09-20-12 - Taught in Mrs. MaryAnne Deer's 8th grade classses at Putney Central School in conjunction with an electroacoustical performance of the ensemble Due East, whose members include percusionist Greg Beyer and flutist Erin Lesser. The performance at a school-wide assembly included the composition entitled "Fireflies," composed by Elainie Lillios, Assistant Profesor of Music at Bowling Green University, who also introduced the composition, that is based on the haiku, "dense with fireflies/ the field flickers/ through the fog." The project is affiliated with The Yellow Barn Music Center in Putney, Vermont. There will be two more meetings, in conjunction with this specific project, at Putnery Central School, in December 2012 and April 2013, of Due East, composer Elainie Lillios, and myself, with the augering of more projects and performances to take place in the future.

09-17-12 - Diane Boller, of Poetry Daily, announces that "Huang Po and the Dimensions of Love," the title poem of the book recently published by Southern Illinois University Press, has been honored in being selected as the feature poem on Tuesday, September 25th, 2012.

09-01-12 - "Practicing Mindfulness" is published in Many Hands. The web address is:

08-22-12 - "New Haven," a poem dedicated to the late Leo Connellan, the second Poet Laureate of the State of Connecticut, is published in the final issue of Puckerbrush Review, at least the last issue under the inspired editorship and literary guidannce of Sandy Phippen, a soon-to-be Professor Emeritus in the English Department at University of Maine, Orono. The poem was taken for publication for this issue right before it went to the printer, as it was emailed to the editor in the spirit of felicity and not an official submission, per se. The work itself is written, with short poems assembled in six sections, in honor of Leo Connellan, especially his well-known book-length poem, Crossing America. The author knew Leo from the mid-1970s until the late poet's death in 2001.

08-04-12 - Parkman Howe, Poetry Editor of Appalachia accepts a revised and finished version of "Black-eyed Susan" for publication in the June 2013 issue of the journal, which is the mouthpiece for the Appalachian Mountain Club.

07-13-12 - Jim Kacian, Editor of the forthcoming anthology Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years, forthcoming from W. W. Norton & Company in early 2013, announces that 6 haiku by Wally Swist will be included in the publication. They include: "dewy morning," "heat lightning," "walking farther into it," "deep bend of the brook," "mourning dove," and "shadow after shadow." Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years is a volume that is expected to serve as the definitive anthology of English-language haiku for many years to come. As Kacian writes in his letter of invitation to publish: "Haiku in English will be published by W. W. Norton & Company in the early part of 2013, and inclusion in this collection puts you in very distinguished company, 190 poets and nearly 800 poems from the early 20th century to the present. The book is a result of more than 8 years of work and consideration of hundreds of thousands of poems, and will appear in time to celebrate the centennial of the first great haiku written in English, Ezra Pound’s “In a Station of the Metro,” as well as the 50th anniversary of the founding of the first journal dedicated to haiku in English, American Haiku." Allan Burns and Phillip Rowland are Co-Editors for the anthology. Former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins has provided the introduction to the volume.

07-06-12 - "The Stone" is accepted for publication by Lisa Mangini, Editor of Paper Nautilus. The poem will appear in the autumn issue of the journal. The address for its website is:

06-25-12 - "Dream of Judita Vaiciunaite," a new poem, is believed to be scheduled for publication--in Lithuanian--in Literature ir menas, which is the major weekly literary and cultural journal in that country. It is also the official weekly publication of the Lithuanian Writers Union. The poem is being translated by Kornelijus Platelis, a former Poet Laureate of Lithuania. The website for Literature ir menas is: The late Judita Vaiciunaite (1937-2001) is considered as one of pioneering women poets of the 20th and early 21st centuries, whose lyric poems have been translated by Jonas Zdanys in his book Five Lithuanian Women Poets, (VAGA Publications: Vilnius, Lithuania, 2002). The poem, "Dream of Judita Vaiciuunaite" is dedicated to Jonas Zdanys.

06-25-12 - Jasmine Davey, Writers' Fund Coordinator of PEN American Center of New York City, announces that the Wrirters' Fund Committee of PEN American Center has approved a grant for funding. The website address for this eminent "association of writers and editors working to advance literature to defend free expression, and to foster international literary fellowship" is:

06-25-12 - Patricia Mottola, Editor of Connecticut River Review, a national literary journal and the official publication of the Connecticut Poetry Society, accepts a review of The Kingfisher's Reign, a book of 80 prose poems by Jonas Zdanys, published by Virtual Artitsts Collective in 2012. The review is scheduled for publication in the forthcoming issue of CCR. Their website address is:

06-22-12 - Steven Schoeder, Editor of Virtual Artists Collective, of Chicago, Illinois, announces the publication of Winding Paths Worn through Grass. The official publication date is set as July 6th, 2012, with the major online booksellers, such as Barnes & Noble, announcing their carrying copies of the book within a matter of days. The book collects 65 poems, and paginates at 80pp. The link for Virtual Artists Collective is:

06-20-12 - Mark Sickman, Editor of Baseball Bard, an online literary magazine, accepts "Conceit," a poem written in the spirit of and in honor of the influential San Franciso poet Jack Spicer. The poem was immediately publishhed online. The link to their poetry inspired by baseball is:

06-12-12 - Jon Tribble, Co-editor of Crab Orchard Review accepts "Black-eyed Susan" for a special issue of this journal, and is slated to appear in Volume 17, Number 2, entitled "Due North." The issue is scheduled to appear in September 2012. The link to this frontline national literary journal is:

06-07-12 - Marie Gauthier, Director of the Collected Poets Series, invited Wally Swist to read with Alexandria Peary on Thursday, 7 June 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at Mocha Maya's Coffeehouse at 47 Main Street in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts. For more information regarding the series itself, and the history of the series, please do reference the Collected Poets Series website at or

06-04-12 - With more immense gratitude, as with the award from Poets in Need of a Philip Whalen Memorial Grant, mention is made here that Isabel Howe, Executive Director of The Author's League Fund, of New York City, announces they are making an award of financial aid. The assistance is provided by The Emergency Relief Program of the Authors Guild Foundation, Inc., which was first established by The Author's League of America, Inc., in 1917. The website address for this humanitarian and literary organization is:

06-03-12 - Lee Hope, Editor-in-Chief of Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices, announces that the poetry editors of the journal "have accepted with enthusiasm" the poem "The Hinge of the Year" for the Fall/Winter 2012 issue. One of the best online literary journals, at least in this author's critical appraisal, it is highly recommended that reference should be made to both current and back issues at:

06-02-12 - Naomi Mahala Farr, Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Adventum Magazine, accepts two haiku for publication in this fine online and print journal. The journal offers mostly first rate non-fiction wilderness writing; however, the editors do publish poetry, yet only haiku poetry. One of the haiku accepted is dedicated to haiku poet Allan Burns, of Fort Collins, Colorado, "mist lifts above the marsh--," with the other being entitled "buttercupped by sun--." They will both appear in Issue III, due in July 2012. Their website espouses that Adventum is a publication that "welcomes the finest contemporary outdoor adventure writing from new and established writers. It also accepts seasonal haiku and high quality digital photography." The link for "Adventum" is:

06-01-12 - 03-01-12 - "Ode to the Mockingbird" is published in Many Hands. The website address is:

05-25-12 - With immense gratitude, mention here must be made of the organization Poets in Need, of Berkeley, California, for awarding a Philip Whalen Memorial Grant to me. To all the members of the Board of Directors, and to Lyn Hejinian, Treasurer, this timely financial support is nothing less than beneficent, of which nothing less than full appreciation is offered in return for their financial support. The website for this organization is:

05-21-12 - Jenn MacCormack, Editor of Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics, accepts "Blessing" and "Great Blue" for publication in their Summer 2012 issue. Their website address is:

05-15-12 - Janet Bowdan, Editor of Common Ground Review, the official literary journal of Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts, accepts "Aubade" for their spring issue, due in May 2012. The website for the journal is:

05-12-12 - Robert S. King, Editor-in-Chief of FutureCycle Press, announces that he and, anthology Co-editor, David Chorlton accept "The City of Nails" and "Outside the Box" for their forthcoming anthology, American Society: What Poets See, due in August 2012. This anthology proves to be a perspicacious and powerful testament of current politcal and sociological trends in America by poets of national distinction. The website address for FutureCycle Press is:

05-10-12 - The Daily Hampshire Gazette reprints the article, "Wally Swist's World," that originally appeared in its sister newspaper, The Amherst Bulletin, in February 2012. The article, written by veteran staff writer Steve Pfarrer, includes updated information that the earlier article did not contain, most saliently the news of current and forthcoming publications. The website address is:

05-06-12 - Steven Schroeder announces that the Editorial Board of Virtual Artists Collective, of Chicago, Illinois, has accepted Winding Paths Worn through Grass, a collection of over 60 poems, for publication by the press. The Editorial Board of Virtual Artists Collective is composed of a group of practicing artists, musicians, and writers of aesthetic and literary achievement based in Chicago, and across the United States, as well as abroad, including co-founder Steven Schroeder, who teaches philosophy at the University of Chicago. Their website is: Winding Paths Worn through Grass, which primarily contains nature poems that celebrate the fauna and flora of New England, is scheduled for publication in early 2013.

04-26-12 - Jason Brown, producer of Berkshire Media Arts, also known as 'Audio for the Refined Ear,' releases an audiobook of poet Wally Swist reading 65 poems largely regarding the fauna and flora of New England. Open Meadow: Odes to Nature, a 79-minute recording is also distinct in that it contains nearly a dozen poems which are accompanied with the musical compositions of Claude Debussy, Gabriel Faure, and Ralph Vaughn Williams. The music was performed by Sarah Edelstein at BMA Studios. Although the release of the audiobook came a few days before the poet's birthday, for the sake of felicity, and as of the writing of this entry, it occured on the 26th of April, the poet's 59th birthday anniversary. The website for Berkshire Media Arts (BMA) is: It is highly suggested that BMA's website is perused for its rich offerings of classical and contemporary literature as well as Jungian psychology and the very best of cutting-edge intellectual thought. For those seeking refreshment from the humdrum, Berkshire Media Arts is the place to renew your senses and to treat your ears, mind, and soul.

04-19-12 - The editors of Riverrun, the literary journal of Quincy University, of Quincy, Illinoiis, accept "Winter Dawn" for publication in their spring 2012 issue.

04-18-12 - Fine printer Regina Schroeder, of Timberline Press, located in Charlestown, Massachusetts, publishes a letterpress limited edition broadside of the poem "Tone Poem for Summer Solstice." The broadside, reminiscent of the lush letterpress work of Walter Hamady, whose Perishable Press imprint is well-known by bibliophiles and fine press connoisseurs, is published in a press run of 1 of 25 numbered copies on handmade paper, at $30 each; and a trade edition of 1 of 95 numbered copies on commercial paper, at $5 each.

04-01-12 - John Barlow, editor of Snapshot Press, the most salient publisher of haiku in the United Kingdom, and certainly also one of the most significant haiku publishers of quality worldwide, has selected "brilliant morning" as the winner for the month of February in The Haiku Calendar Competition 2012. The haiku will be published in The Haiku Calendar 2013 (Snapshot Press, 2012).

03-18-12 - Andrew McGowan, President of the William Butler Yeats Society of New York City, announces that the poem "The Grace of It" was awarded second prize by the 2012 judge, Bill Zavatsky. The poem since its being entered into the contest has been retitled as "Velocity," and this finished version will be published in the W. B. Yeats Society of New York City newsletter announcing this year's winners. A check for $250, a certificate, and a two-year honorary membership in the society will be presented at a ceremony at the Barnes & Noble located at Union Square, 33 East 17 Street in New York City Monday, April 2, beginning at 6:30 p.m. That will be followed by a dinner at the National Arts Club, at which the judge, the 1st and 2nd prize winners, and the three honorable mention designees will be guests of the society. The link for the W. B. Yeats Society is:

03-12-12 - Wendy Galgan, editor of Assisi: An Online Journal, accepts "The Other Side of the Glass" for the Fall 2011/Spring 2012 issue, due at the end of March. Their website is:

03-05-12 - "The Hinge of the Year" is accepted for publication by the editors of Wisconsin Review. The poem is scheduled to appear in Volume 46, Issue 2 of this journal of national repute. Their website is:

03-01-12 - "Dream of a Holy City" is published in Many Hands. The illustrations, sometimes photographs and sometimes art work, as the latter is in this case, that accompany the poems published in "Many Hands," are absolutely exquisite, but none moreso than in the current issue. The brown overlay of this poem against a backdrop of brown and silver mountain ridges, with the typeface of the poem in a white reversal against these alluring earth tones of the horizon, designed by Lucy Pickett, of "The Daily Hampshire Gazette," makes the entire page frameable within itself. Ms. Pickett has been providing aesthetic accompaniment to the poems over the last six years now, but this time she truly outdid all of her previous efforts. In such a rewarding fashion she augments the poetic experience for each reader. The website address is:

02-25-12 - Jason Barber, editor of Buddhist Poetry Review, accepts the poem "Satori" for publication in the September 2012 issue of this online journal. Their link is:

02-03-12 - Well-respected journalist Steve Pfarrer publishes a feature article in the Friday, February 3, 2012 (Vol. 46, No. 11) issue of the Amherst Bulletin, entitled "A Visit to Wally Swist's World: Award-winning poet inspired by nature, spirituality." The website address is:

02-02-12 - Vivian Shipley, Co-Editor of Connecticut Review, accepts "A Man Walks with You," 'a poem after Pablo Neruda,' for a future issue of this frontline literary journal. Their website address is:

01-28-12 - The Ashland Poetry Press, located at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio, announces that the book-length manuscript, My Friends, the Bees, was selected as one of seven finalists in the 2011 competition, out of a field of four hundred eight manuscripts submitted. This is the third time that a manuscript of mine has been selected as a finalist in this compettion, with the other finalist distinctions coming from a completely different manuscript.

01-09-12 - New Issues Press announces that Gratitude: New and Selected Poems is selected as a finalist for the 2012 Green Rose Prize. Although the manuscript was not chosen as the winner of this year's prize, it is of notable distinction to have a manuscript selected as a finalist in the competition. New Issues Press is affiliated with Western Michigan University, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

01-07-12 - Jason Barber, editor of Buddhist Poetry Review, accepts three more poems. "For the Dance" (a poem written for the late Canadian poet anne mckay), "Spring Letter to a Friend," and "Practicing Mindfulness" will be published in the March 2012 issue of this online journal. Their link is:

12-15-11 - Sandy Phippen, Editor of "Puckerbrush Review," now the official University of Maine, Orono literary magazine, accepts "The Grace of It" for publication in the forthcoming winter issue of this longstanding small press publication, founded by the late Constance Hunting in the late 1960s with the monetary assistance from proceeds from her own first book of poems that appeared under the Scribner imprint. Since "The Grace of It" was submitted for publication, it has been revised and tightened, and it may appear in its finished form under the title, "Velocity."

12-01-11 - "Franklin Merrell-Wolff" is published in "Many Hands." Their website address is:

11-28-11 - "a cricket's rasp" and "snow tunnel" were accepted for publication in "The 2012 Haiku Calendar," published by John Barlow's Snapshot Press in the U.K. Two links that offer rather complete information about what Snapshot Press is and does so well, which includes how to order copies and entering work into next year's competition, are: and at

11-16-11 - Matthew Clark, an art student of master printer Jim Lee at the University of Hartford, announces that he will be desinging and printing a limited edition letterpress broadside of the poem "The Other Side of the Glass."

11-16-11 - The Editors of FutureCycle Press nominate the poem "Recogition" for a Pushcart Prize. "Recognition" was initially published online by FutureCycle and will also appear in their annual print anthology, due in November 2011. The link for FutureCycle Press is: The link for the FutureCycle Press Pushcart Prize nominations is:

11-15-11 - Jason Barber, editor of "Buddhist Poetry Review," accepts "Gyoto Monks" and "Winter Dawn" for publication in the December 2011 issue of this online journal. Their link is:

11-10-11 - Although there has not been any offical announcement made as of yet, after an invitation, and initial discussion, Berkshire Media Arts (BMA), out of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, will be recording an audio book of the poetry of Wally Swist, largely of his nature poems, for national distribution. The link to BMA, "Listening for the Refined Ear," is:

11-08-11 - Naomi Judd, the editor of "Adventum," a new online and print literary journal, accepts "the frosted spirals" for publication in issue II. Their website espouses that "Adventum" is a publication that "welcomes the finest contemporary outdoor adventure writing from new and established writers. It also accepts seasonal haiku and high quality digital photography." The link for "Adventum" is:

10-27-11 - Janet Bowdan, Editor of "Common Ground Review," accepts the poem "The Bernard Malamud Lock, Stock, and Magic Barrel" for the Fall/Winter Issue of the journal, due in November. "Common Ground Review" is issued from Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts. Their link is:

10-07-11 - John Hoppenthaler, Poetry Editor of "Connotation Press: An Online Archive," A Poetry Congeries, invited Wally Swist to submit work, of which two poems were accepted for publication, "Cinnamon and Honey" and "Nymphs and Satyr," in their forthcoming issue in November or December 2011. Their website address is:

09-01-11 - "Cinnamon and Honey" is published in "Many Hands." Their website address is:

08-26-11 - "Guardian Angel" is selected for inclusion in the print edition of the 20th anniversary celebration anthology of the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival. The volume will be published by Wesleyan University Press, and be made available in June 2012 at the opening of the Festival's 21st year. Three other poems from the August 2003 solo reading Wally Swist gave in the Sunken Garden will be made available on the Festival website, including "Heron," "The Red Fox," and "Great Blue." The link for the Hill-Stead Museum and the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival is:

08-11-11 - "A Field of Sunflowers" is accepted for publication in "Wild River Review," whom the editors of "Utne Reader" named as "one of the great online magazines.” Two of their links include: and

07-24-11 - Carolyn Hall, editor of "Acorn," accepts "the deepening blush" for publication in the journal's autumn 2011 issue.

07-17-11 - "Pole Star" is accepted for publication in "Theodate." The link to the website is:

06-29-11 - Brad Davis, Editor of "Theodate," a journal honoring the founder of the Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, CT, as well as honoring the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival, announces that Wesleyan University Press will be publishing an anthology to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Festival in the summer of 2012. Four poems will be posted by each poet who read in the series on the Festival website, with one poem from each author to appear in the printed anthology itself. Some of the poets who have read in the Sunken Gardern Poetry Festival, and who will be published in the anthology, include Billy Collins, Jane Hirschfield, Galway Kinnell, Yusef Komunyakaa, Maxine Kumin, Stanley Kunitz, Grace Paley, Sonya Sanchez, Richard Wilbur, and far too many writers to mention in this brief note, including Wally Swist. The link for the Hill-Stead Museum and the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival is:

06-27-11 - Editors Robert S. King and Diane Kistner accept "Recognition" for the forthcoming issue of "FutureCycle Poetry." Their website is:

06-21-11 - Paulette Licitra, Editor of "Alimentum: The Literature of Food," accepts "The Lawrence Durrell 'Alexandria Quartet' Mediterranean Cold Plate Special" for publication in a future issue. Do reference this journal's website at: This publication is recommended reading for anyone who places a significant value on either food or literature. Ditto for both.

06-01-11 - "Tone Poem for Solstice" published in "Many Hands." The poem is "after Robert Francis," who invented the form of the tone poem in American poetry, in which common nouns are laid like dry stone masonry throughout the poem to create a tonal effect regarding a single theme. See, for example, the poem by Robert Francis, entitled "Blue." Do see the "Many Hands" website at:

05-09-11 - Naomi Judd, the editor of "Adventum," a new online literary journal, accepts "the dry wind simmers--" for publication in their inaugural issue, due on July 1, 2011. Their website espouses that "Adventum" is a publication that "welcomes the finest contemporary outdoor adventure writing from new and established writers. It also accepts seasonal haiku and high quality digital photography." The link for "Adventum" is:

04-30-11 - Elainie Lillios, musician, composer, and Assistant Professor of Music at Bowling Green University, in Indiana, will premiere her new piece "November Twilight," based on a haiku of Wally Swist's, for trumpet and live, interactive electroacoustics, at the University of Oregon on April 30.

04-14-11 - Steven Schroeder, Editor of the Virtual Artist's Collective (VAC) and the new Co-Editor of Timberline Press, of Chicago, Illinois, with his daughter, Regina Schroeder, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has accepted a chapbook manuscript of twenty-four poems, "Blessing and Homage," to be published by the press in a letterpress limited edition. The initial plan is for the press to issue twenty-five copies on handmade paper, and another twenty-five copies on commercial paper, along with a letterpress limited edition broadside that would feature one of the poems in the forthcoming book. What an honor to have had Clarence Wolfshohl, the founder, former Editor, and master printer of Timberline Press, publish "Mount Toby Poems" as the last book in his editorial and artistic direction of the press, only to now have Steven and Regina Schroeder publish "Blessing and Homage" as the first volume in their editiorial and aritistic direction of the "new" Timberline Press.

04-12-11 - Larry O'Brien, Editor of "Common Ground Review," accepts "Chinese Paper Lanterns," for publication in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue of the journal, that is published through Western New England College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

04-06-11 - Steven Schroeder, Editor of Virtual Artists Collective (VAC), of Chicago, and Timberline Press (the transition was recently made from Timberline Press Founder, Clarence Wolfshohl to Steven Schroeder), has invited Wally Swist to read at the University of Massachusetts, Boston on Wednesday, December 7th, 2011, at 1 p.m., as a co-reader, or co-presenter, along with Steve; Regina Schoeder, a member of The Boston Paper Collective; and Jonas Zdanys, a Connecticut poet. Regina Schoeder will deliver a short presentation/demonstration on paper making and printing (perhaps with one of her colleagues at the Boston Paper Collective), and the others will read their work for a period of fifteen to twenty minutes a piece.

03-24-11 - George Swede, Editor of "Frogpond," accepts "first morning of summer" for Volume 34, Number 2, the Spring-Summer Issue of the journal.

03-16-11 - After an official announcement has been mailed to the participants, it is now prudent to put up this news here on the website that Yusef Komunyakaa selected the manuscript "Huang Po and the Dimensions of Love" as co-winner in the Crab Orchard Series Open Poetry Competition, and that Southern Illinois University Press will publish the book in the spring of 2012. In addition, Southern Illinois University Press will host a reading to honor the publication of the book in the autumn of 2012, tentatively scheduled for late October, on the campus in Carbondale. What an absolute delight to be able to share this!

03-16-11 - Seth Jani, editor of "EarthSpeak," accepts "Dream of a Holy City" and "The Pendulum" for the winter issue of this online journal, due to be published at the end of March. The link for "EarthSpeak,: Issue 6, Winter 2010 is :

03-14-11 - "March Wind" is published in the anthology, "Solace in So Many Words" (Glenview, IL: Hourglass Books/Weighed Words), edited by Ellen Wade Beals. The link for this important and fine anthology, that features work from such poets and writers as Antler, Ellen Bass, T. C. Boyle, and Philip Levine, is:

03-14-11 - WMUA Radio Host Daisy Mathias invites Wally Swist to read poems on "Poetry a la Carte" from a variety of sources, including newly finished poems; from his recent book "Luminous Dream," a finalist in the 2010 FutureCycle Poetry Book Prize; and from a forthcoming collection. WMUA is the student and community radio station of UMass, Amherst, also serving the Five College Community and beyond, located at 91.1 FM. The program had the distinction, this specific Monday, of running for a full hour, whereas, normally it would have only been a half hour program. This was due to the serendipity of some last minute scheduling changes at the station, which resulted in the felicity of doubling the time for reading and discussion.

03-10-11 - Julie Ann, the editor of "The Guidebook," out of Oxford, MS, conducts an hour-long telephone interview with Wally Swist for the purposes of publishing it online in conjunction with the inaugural issue of the printed journal, due in the spring. The link is:

03-04-11 - Maurice Oliver, editor of "Concelebratory Shoehorn Review," now newly titled as "Eye Socket Journal," an online journal based in Portland, OR, accepts four poems, upon invitation to Wally Swist to be the featured poet in the May 2011 issue of the ESJ. The poems accepted include "As We Slept," "Crushed Velvet Cranberry Gown," "Chinese Paper Lanterns, " and "The Pablo Neruda." The link for ESJ's current issue is:

03-02-11 - "Blessing" and "To Go On" are published in "Blood and Honey Review," whose website is:

03-01-11 - "Dogwood" published in "Many Hands." Do see the website at:

02-28-11 - Carolyn Hall, editor of "Acorn," based in Santa Rosa, CA, accepts "toward sunset . . ." for her spring issue of the journal, due in April. The piece, being a haiku, is dedicated to the late Peggy Willis Lyles, who is considered by some to be a modern haiku master.

02-23-11 - "Solstice: A Magazine of Diverse Voices" accepts two poems, "All Men Want You" and "Because," for their Winter/Spring 2011 issue. The link is:

02-23-11 - Master printer Jim Lee, publisher of Blue Moon Press, issues the broadside, "Ode to Elizabeth Park," a poem by Wally Swist that was oringially published in the inaugural issue of "Lady Jane's Miscellany," in their online edition. The broadside is lavishly enhanced by Jim Lee's woodblock prints: one of the Elizabeth Park rose arbors, to the left of the printed poem; and one of a single rose that appears beneath the text of the poem itself. The broadside is printed on Rives Heavyweight, with the woodblocks carved out of birch blocks cut by the printer, and printed in an edition of just fifty copies. The handset types are Gill Sans, Goudy Old Style, and Perpetua. Jim Lee took each of the broadsides through nine printings to achieve the nuances of color that makes this work a significant achievement in woodblock art and letterpress printing. The cost of the broadside is one hundred dollars ($100), and is available only through Blue Moon Press.

02-16-11 - Jill Chan, Editor of "Numinous: Spiritual Poetry," an online journal based in New Zealand, accepts the poem "The Pendulum" for their January-March 2011 issue. The link for "Numinous: Spiritual Poetry" is:

01-28-11 - Charles Trumbull, Editor of "Modern Haiku," accepts a four page-essay, estimated at just under 1,800 words, entitled "A Reminiscence of Robert Spiess: The Tao of Compassion and a Level Gaze," for the summer 2011 issue of the journal, along with three recent haiku. In addition, six more haiku were accepted for the autumn 2011 issue that were much revised, in the autumn of 2010, from their original publicaiton in "New Haven Poems" (Hamden, CT: Connecticut Fireside Press, 1977). Although the six haiku appeared in the volume cited, this will be their initial publication in a journal, and especially one of note, such as "Modern Haiku."

01-15-11 - Liu Xiangyang, a noted translator in China, announces that he will translate a number of poems by Wally Swist into Chinese for publication in the People's Republic in the spring of 2011.

01-01-11 - Seth Jani, the editor of the online journal "EarthSpeak," nominates "Backlit in a Wash of Light," that appeared in their inaugural issue, for a Pushcart Prize, and possible inclusion in "The Pushcart Prizes: The Best of the Small Presses," which is published annually.

12-01-10 - "Destinations" published in "Many Hands."

11-30-10 - "Blessing" and "To Go On" are accepted for publication in the inaugural issue of "Blood and Honey Review," published by American University of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The journal is scheduled for publication in January 2011, and will appear both in online and print editions. The poems will appear in English, with Bosnian translations.

11-28-10 - "Montepulciano and Caravaggio," "Ode to February," "Summer Palette," and "Thistle Seed Starring the Air" are accepted for publication in the inaugural issue of "The Guidebook," scheduled for its debut in spring 2011. The poems were chosen after the editor of the journal, Julie Ann, made an invitiation to the author to submit work.

11-12-10 - "Dry Ledges" is accepeted for publication in "Slant," published out of the University of Central Arkansas, and scheduled for the May 2011 issue.

11-01-10 - "For Walt Whitman," an early poem, originally from Swist's first published volume, "New Haven Poems" (Hamden, CT: Connecticut Fireside Press, 1977), is accepted for publication by master printer, Clarence Wolfshohl, publisher of Timberline Press (Fulton, MO), for the purpose of his issuing the poem from his press as a limited edition letterpress broadside. The poem, previously unpublished in a literary journal or magazine, was extensively revised, remolded, and revamped by Wally Swist at the end of October, and, ostensibly, this is the initial publication of this version of "For Walt Whitman," which is scheduled to appear sometime by the end of 2010.

10-07-10 - Wally Swist's new book of poetry, entitled "Luminous Dream," that was chosen as a Finalist in the 2010 FutureCycle Poetry Book Prize, is honored by a book launching, sponsored by Booklink Booksellers, located in Thorne's Markeplace on Main Street in Northampton, MA, on Thursday, 7 October, at 7:00 p.m.

10-04-10 - WMUA Radio Host Daisy Mathias invites Wally Swist to read poems on "Poetry a la Carte" from his recent book "Luminous Dream," a finalist in the 2010 FutureCycle Poetry Book Prize. WMUA is the student and community radio station of UMass, Amherst, also serving the University of Massachusetts, the Five College community, and the environs. It is located at 91.1 FM on the radio dial. Daisy Mathias has hosted "Poetry a la Carte" on WMUA since 2006. Her focus has been to awaken area listeners to poetry from the English romantics to contemporary world literature. She has also been quite an avid proponent of writers who reside and write in the Pioneer Valley, and whose voices and publications echo beyond its borders.

09-29-10 - Selected as one of twenty finalists (out of 374 entries) for the 2010 Richard Snyder Publication Prize (The Ashland Poetry Press) for the full-length manuscript "Huang Po and the Dimensions of Love."

09-24-10 - "Luminous Dream" is nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry.

09-08-10 - "The Ascent" accepted for publication in the Fall/Winter 2010 issue of "Common Ground Review."

09-05-10 - Accepted an invitation offered by Robert S. King, Editor-in-Chief, to become an Associate Editor of FutureCycle Press.

09-01-10 - "Desire" published in "Many Hands."

08-12-10 - "Luminous Dream" is published by FutureCycle Press. The link for publication information on the FutureCycle Press webpage regarding the book is: The link for orders on CreateSpace is: Copies of "Luminous Dream" are also listed as being available for purchase on, as well as with other online booksellers. The book retails at $14.95.

07-30-10 - Native West Press, of Prescott, AZ, accepts "The Geese" for their forthcoming anthology, entitled What's Nature Got to Do with Me?: Staying Wildly Sane in a Mad World. The estimated publication date is October 2011.

06-27-10 - The book-length manuscript "Luminous Dream" is chosen as a finalist for the 2010 FutureCycle Poetry Book Prize. "Luminous Dream," a collection of fifty-one love poems, to be published by FutureCycle Press, is scheduled to be issued sometime over the course of the summer.

06-18-10 - "After Having Stacked the Cord the Day Before" and "The Language of Our Hands" are accepted for publication in the Summer 2010 issue of "River Poets Journal," due in September.

06-02-10 - Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku, forthcoming from Snapshot Press (Ormskirk, UK), possibly in November 2010, published by John Barlow and co-edited with Allan Burns, is scheduled to include several haiku by Wally Swist.

06-01-10 - "Guardian Angel" published in "Many Hands."

05-25-10 - Elainie Lillios, Assistant Professor of Music (Composition), at Bowling Green State University, announces that the haiku, from The Silence Between Us: The Selected Haiku (Decatur, IL: Brooks Books, 2005), which also serves as the title for the collection, with the first line "illuminating" (page 103), the inspiration for a composition for English horn, bassoon, and electronics, entitled Fireflies, is scheduled to premiere on June 22, 2010 at Oklahoma University (Norman, OK) at the International Double Reed Society Conference, as well as to be performed at other venues. Please reference the website of Professor Lillios at for further details.

04-01-10- SPD (Small Press Distribution), of Berkeley, CA, announces its "Top 100+ List of Best-Sellers of 20th Century Poetry" ("Bestselling Backstock") for April 2010 Poetry Month, of which The New Life (West Hartford, CT: Plinth Books, 1998) was listed as #33.

03-30-10 - John Barlow, editor and publisher of Snapshot Press (United Kingdom), announces the winners and runners-up whose work will be included in the "2011 Haiku Calendar," which will be ready in July 2010. "mourning dove" will be the featured haiku for the month of April 2011 and "farther into it" was chosen as a runner-up to be published elsewhere in the caldendar. For any other queries please contact Snapshot Press at, or by post at: Snapshot Press, Orchard House, High Lane, Ormskirk, L40 7SL, UK.

02-18-10 - "Lady Jane's Miscellany," published by San Francisco Bay Press, accepts "Ode to Elizabeth Park" and "The Shower" for the online extension of their inaugural edition, which readers can now visit at The home page for "Lady Jane's Miscellany" can be accessed at The parent home page, referencing San Francisco Bay Press, can be found at

02-15-10- "EarthSpeak" accepts poems by Wally Swist for both online publication and in an EBook edition for their March 2010 issue.

02-12-10 - "The Basilica Review" accepts "Backlit in a Wash of Light" for publication in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue.

02-02-10 - "Spiritus: A Journal of Christian Spirituality," published by The Johns Hopkins University Press, accepts "Leaving" for publication in the April 2010 issue.

01-26-10 - Three poems ("Bloodroot Open Before Trillium," "Sacred Fire," and "Take Two") accepted for publication in "Foliate Oak," a journal issued from the University of Arkansas, Monticello.

01-17-10 - Screening of "In Praise of the Earth: The Poetry of Wally Swist" in the Distinguished Lecture Series, Lenox Library, Lenox, Massachusetts, hosted by Jeremy Yudkin, followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Elizabeth Wilda and Wally Swist, and a reading of new and recent work by Wally Swist.

12-20-09 - Editor Ellen Wade Beals announces the publication of the anthology, "Solace in So Many Words," to be issued by Hourglass Books sometime in 2010. The anthology will include a poem by Wally Swist, entitled "March Wind."

12-15-09 - "Double Rainbow" published in "FutureCycle Poetry" (Print Version) (Online Version: September 2009).

12-02-09 - "Rats in the Barn" and "To Psyche" accepted for Publication for the Winter issue (14.2) of "2River View."

12-01-09 - "Ode to Squash Soup" published in "Many Hands."

11-19-09 - Screening of "In Praise of the Earth: The Poetry of Wally Swist" at Wintonbury Library, Bloomfield, CT, followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Elizabeth Wilda and Wally Swist, and a reading of new and recent work by Wally Swist.

11-13-09 - Selected as one of ten finalists (out of 440 entries) for the 2009 Richard Snyder Publication Prize (The Ashland Poetry Press) for the full-length manuscript "Huang Po and the Dimensions of Love."

11-12-09 - Publication of "The Friendship of Two New England Poets, Robert Frost and Robert Francis: A Lecture Presented at the Robert Frost Farm in Derry, New Hampshire," a scholarly monograph (Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2009, 88pp.).

11-01-09 - "My Friends, the Bees" published in "The Literary Bohemian" (esky Krumlov, Czech Republic).

10-24-09 - Screening of "In Praise of the Earth: The Poetry of Wally Swist" at Wistariahurst Museum, Holyoke, Massachusetts.

10-15-09 - "Gift" published in "The Light in Ordinary Things" (Berkeley: Fearless Books, 2009).

10-02-09 - Reading of the poem "Taking It Back with Me" at the 20th Anniversary of Western Massachusetts Recycling, sponsored by the Massachusetts DEP, Springfield, Massachusetts. The reading opened the program that featured keynote speaker Senator Stan Roserberg, and was followed by speakers Congressman Richard Neal and Springfield Mayor Dominic Sarno.

09-01-09 - "Moving the Woodpile" published in "Many Hands."

08-09-09 - Solo Reading at the William Cullen Bryant Homestead, Cummington, Massachusetts, sponsored by The Trustees of Reservations (TTOR).

07-24-09 - "Kitchen Table" published in the column "Hear a Poet, There a Poet" in "The Daily Hampshire Gazette."

07-07-09 - "Poetry a la Carte" Live Broadcast Interview and Reading airs with Host Daisy Mathias on WMUA (91.1 FM).

06-30-09 - "Sharp-shinned Hawk" published in "Appalachia."

06-25-09 - (Thursday) Wally Swist reading selections from Mount Toby Poems 6 p.m. at Julia De Burgos Park in Willimantic, Connecticut (corner Jackson St. & Terry Ave.)

06-07-09 - A Canadian distributor of short biographical documentary and educational films will distribute In Praise of the Earth worldwide.

06-01-09 - "Hummingbird and Star" published in "Many Hands."

05-04-09 - The New Life makes Small Press Distribution's Poetry Best-sellers top 20 list.

04-26-09 - Benefit Screening of "In Praise of the Earth" for Clara Gardner at the Pleasant Street Theater, 27 Pleasant Street, Northampton, Massachusetts, with Emmy nominee-filmmaker Elizabeth Wilda, at 6:00 p.m.

04-24-09 - "Mount Toby Poems" published by Timberline Press, of Fulton, Missouri, in a letterpress limited edition (35 pages, flat spine, hand-sewn in wraps). Master fine printer Clarence Wolfshohl marks the closing of Timberline Press with the publication of this volume after his prestigious thirty-four year publishing history.

04-20-09 - "The Tide" and "The Locomotive" published in "Lalitamba," Number. 3.

04-07-09 - Reading at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment at 7:00 p.m.

04-03-09 - Distinguished as a Finalist in the Summer Literary Seminars (SLS)-2009 Unified Fiction and Poetry Contest.

04-01-09 - "In Praise of the Earth: The Poetry of Wally Swist" (WildArts, 2008) is registered with and listed on IMBd (The Internet Movie Database).

03-27-09 - A selection of poems published in the 30th Anniversary Issue of "Puckerbrush Review."

03-25-09 - Reading and Screening at UConn Co-op Bookstore in Storrs, Connecticut at 4:00 p.m.

03-23-09 - "Cinnamon Sticks" accepted for publication in "Alimentum: The Literature of Food."

03-21-09 - "Queen Anne's Lace" published in "Ruminate: A Magazine of Faith in Literature and Art."

03-15-09 - "Finding the Names of the Wildflowers Gone Past" accepted for publication in "Angel Face."

03-09-09 - "Poetry a la Carte" Live Broadcast Interview and Reading airs with Host Daisy Mathias on WMUA (91.1 FM).

03-01-09 - "Huang Po and the Dimensions of Love" published in "Many Hands."

02-27-09 - A Reading by Poets Living in New England (Creative Session), Ballroom B, Hyatt Regency, 40th Anniversary Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) Convention in Boston from 4:45 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

02-12-09 - Reading in Green Street Cafe Poetry Series, with Susan Gage Tyler, 64 Green Street, Northampton, Massachusetts at 7:00 p.m.

02-05-09 - First Amherst Screening of "In Praise of the Earth," with Emmy nominee-filmmaker Elizabeth Wilda, at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, 525 South Pleasant Street at 7:00 p.m.

02-02-09 - "Writer's Voice" Broadcast Interview and Reading airs with Host Francesca Rheannon on WMUA (91.1 FM).

01-30-09 - "Snow Geese" published in "Appalachia."

12-01-08 - "Visiting Jack Gilbert at Fort Juniper" published in "Many Hands."

10-12-08 - Premiere Screening of "In Praise of the Earth," with Emmy nominee-filmmaker Elizabeth Wilda, at the West Hartford Art League, Red Schoolhouse Building, 37 Buena Vista Road, West Hartford, Connecticut at 7:00 p.m.

09-22-08 - Wally Swist and six other regional poets to read from their works at the upcoming Northeast Modern Language Association Conference. NeMLA 2009 Convention: February 26-March 1; Boston, MA at the Boston Hyatt. Additional details forthcoming.

09-10-08 - Featured Reading at Wesleyan University Bookstore in Middletown, Connecticut at 7:00 p.m.

09-01-08 - "After Having Stacked the Cord the Day Before" in Many Hands

06-01-08 - "Zebras" in Many Hands

04-16-08 - Art Nights at the West Hartford Art League - 7 p.m., "In Praise of the Earth" at the Clubhouse Gallery (Right click and save a copy of the poster to your desktop.) 37 Buena Vista Rd, West Hartford Connecticut -|- (860) 521-3732

04-01-08 - "In Praise of the Earth: The Poetry of Wally Swist" (WildArts, 2008), a short biographical documentary film released from Emmy nominee filmmaker Elizabeth Wilda.

03-30-08 - "The Fire," "Snow Geese" (in an earlier version), and "What Remains" published in "Puckerbrush Review."

03-01-08 - "The Locomotive" in Many Hands---------Downloadable in a pre-publication Adobe PDF file here. (Right click and "save as" to your desktop.)

01-30-08 - "In the Silence" published in "Appalachia."

01-01-08 - "To Psyche" published as a broadside by Drive-By Poets.

12-03-07 - "The New Life" in Many Hands

12-01-07 - "Small Miracles" published in "From the Other World: Poems in Memory of James Wright" (Lost Hills Books, 2008).

11-02-07 - Luna Press Reading at Jamaica Way Books and Gifts, 676 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts at 8:00 p.m. Luna Press celebrates its 32nd year of producing the Grandmother of all Goddess calendars – the 2008 Luna Calendar. A touchstone and an icon of the women’s spirituality movement, the Lunar Calendar is unlike traditional calendars based on the Gregorian grid of the seven-day week. This year continues the long tradition of combining beauty with a wealth of information...the lunar months in all their glory with original artwork and juried poems. The '08 edition features fresh work from 26 artists, poets, and writers, full astronomical and astrological data, the lunar year-at-a-glance, complete instructions, and an excellent bibliography. Each month is depicted as an elliptical spiral of 28 moons, each in its distinct phase and position in apogee or perigee from the earth. Aside from being just beautiful, this calendar is an education--and a true 'lunatic' inspiration." Editor Nancy Passmore will host and read in addition to calendar poets Sarah Fuhro, Ada Sepulveda (Spanish), Richard Cambridge and Wally Swist.

11-01-07 - "Pause" (an earlier version of "In the Silence") published in "Common Ground Review."

09-03-07 - "Walking Stick" in Many Hands

08-30-07 - "Among Fireflies" published in The 2008 Lunar Calendar (Boston: Luna Press, 2007).

08-01-07 - "Juncos" and "What Is Familiar" published in "Puckerbrush Review."

07-05-07 - Photographic Exhibit at the Burnett Gallery at the Jones Library, 43 Amity Street, Amherst, Massachusetts. Ten poems regarding birds hung among several dozen photographs of birds taken by Van De Graaff. The exhibit lasts for the entire month of July.

06-01-07 - "Ode To Open Meadow" in Many Hands

05-01-07 - "Breaking Open Garlic" published and reprinted in "Common Ground Review."

04-15-07 - Presentation, Reading, and Discussion, with photographer John Van De Graaff, at Central Connecticut State College, New Britain, Connecticut co-sponsored by the Biology and English Departments.

03-30-07 - "A Deeper Quiet, Then Silence" published and reprinted in "Redbud."

03-01-07 - "The Way Up the Mountain" published in Many Hands

01-15-07 - "Breaking Open Garlic," "If It Is Meant to Be," "Kingdom of Heaven," and "Mystery" published both online and later in the print journal "Arabesques Review."

12-01-06 - "The Angel" published in Many Hands

11-18-06 - Presentation, Reading, and Discussion, with photographer John Van De Graaff, at the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, 525 South Pleasant Street, Amherst, Massachusetts at 7:00 p.m.

11-15-06 - "Poetry a la Carte" Live Broadcast Interview and Reading airs with Host Daisy Mathias on WMUA (91.1 FM).

11-07-06 - Poetry Panelist in "Write Angles Conference #21" sponsored by the National Writer's Union at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

11-01-06 - "Kingdom of Heaven" published in "Common Ground Review."

09-30-06 - "A Sprig of Wild Roses" published in "Puckerbrush Review" (Constance Hunting Memorial Issue).

09-01-06 - "Mystery" published in Many Hands

07-01-06 - "The Annunciation" published in the online journal "The Apple Valley Review."

06-01-06 - "Among Fireflies" published in Many Hands

05-01-06 - "A Deeper Quiet, Then Silence" published in "Common Ground Review."

04-15-06 - Featured reading sponsored by the English Department at Western New England College in honor of National Poetry Month.

03-30-06 - "Living in the Moment" published in "New England Watershed Magazine."

03-15-06 - "Threshold" published in "Angel Face."

03-01-06 - "Mount Toby, Spring Thaw" published in "Many Hands."

01-30-06 - "The Annunciation," "Fort Juniper, Midsummer," "Juncos," "March Wind," "Mnemosyne," and "A Sprig of Wild Roses" published in "Sahara: A Journal of New England Poetry."

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